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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 430  NBC  April 19, 2015 4:30pm-5:01pm PDT

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nbc bay area news starts now. right now, nbc bay area walking to remember friends and family pay tribute to a young woman killed by a careless drag racer in san jose. a live report into a look back at oklahoma city bombing 20 years later. the brutal act of domestic terrorism that ripped apart lives but also brought a nation together. and san francisco braces for an undeclared holiday, this event expected to spill into surrounding neighborhoods not everyone is looking forward to it. good afternoon. i'm peggy bunger. thank you for joining us. an emotional day for dozens in the south away loved one, a young woman, killed by
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asuspected drag racers. they came together to remember her, and spread a new message. marianne favro live from san jose. this family was simply devastated. >> reporter: they are, and they want to make sure her life was not lost in vain peggy. a beautiful day here in san jose, where hundreds of people came together to remember a 24-year-old woman who was hit and killed by suspected stroet racers. they released the lines to honor the 24-year-old out for a jog here her san jose home in january when two suspected street racers hit and killed her. today, people walked to raise money in her name to give to children in need in india. but her family says the event also has another purpose. >> hopefully to push through the slowdown legislation to make lighting, add lighting to the roads to where the accident happened. that's what our goal is, to make
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sure people driving on that road, they have conscious signs enough to show they need to slow down, because that road is very dangerous. >> reporter: friends and family raised more than $9,000 for home of hope, her aunt says she united her family and always gabe back to others. two san jose men have been charged with veklarhicular manslaughter with the death. her aunt hopes that those men will receive the maximum sentence to send a strong message about the dangers of street racing and possibly prevent another tragedy like the one that happened to her niece. reporting live in san jose marianne favro nbc bay area news. >> just went out for a jog in the middle of the day. the investigation is under way in palo alto tonight after a big rig struck and killed a man. this happened before 4:00 this morning, near the embarcadero on-ramp to southbound 101. the victim was walking in the middle of the freeway.
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they don't know why he was there in the first place. police suspect the man might have been drunk. two lanes were shut down during the investigation and are back open. a follow-up on a story we first brought you yesterday. we know the names of two boater found dead in marin county. the coast guard discovered the bodies of the two yesterday near their overturned boat. four people are believed to have been on the boat when it disappeared from the bodega area friday. the coast guard is searching for two other victims looking to why that boat overturned in the first place. two suspected gang members and a gun are off the streets tonight. the gang task force arrested a 17-year-old boy and a 14-year-old boy yesterday. officers say a concerned citizen tipped them off. that led police to a car full of people. inside the car, officers found a revolver. two teenagers were arrested for possession and violating probation. a solemn anniversary today marking the 20th anniversary of
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the oklahoma city bombing. 168 people were killed hundreds injured. countless lives were shattered on that horrifying day. the community's response inspired a country. nbc's brian mooar has the story. >> reporter: 20 years after an unspeakable tragedy, a somber ceremony marking lives lost and changed forever. >> our grandma. >> and my aunt. >> carol louise bowers -- >> reporter: family members read the names of those killed in the 1995 oklahoma city bombing. observing one second of silence for each life lost. as he did 20 years ago as president, bill clinton offered words of comfort. >> you had to choose farsighted love over blind hatred. you had to choose to redeem your terrible losses by beginning again. >> reporter: the bombing of the murrah federal building was aimed at u.s. government. but this community inspired the
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nation with acts of heroism and selflessness that came to be known as the oklahoma standard. >> a mark of grace, comfort, love and compassion. >> reporter: compassion that still echoes today. >> you stood with the people of new york, you stood with the people of boston you said to them, we know we understand but out of darkness will come a ray of light. >> reporter: paying tribute to the victims, the survivors and the heroes of the oklahoma city bombing. bomber timothy mcveigh was executed in 2001 and his accomplice terry nichols, sentenced to multiple life terms. brian mooar, nbc news washington. >> elite units from 18 countries including the u.s. competing for world best's counter terrorism squad. jordan is hosting the competition. it opened today with the drill by the country's special forces. the team demonstrated rescuing hostages from a plane and then rapelling from a helicopter to
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chase militants. the u.s. russia china, saudi arabia and afghanistan were all participating. organizers say it's as much about networking as bragging rights. >> we are gathering the good people to fight the terrorists everywhere. it's an opportunity for the team leadered to meet and know each other as the terrorists have become international. >> jordan is a member of the u.s.-led military coalition against isis militants neighboring serra, iraq, and supports the saudi-led campaign against rebels in yemen? the philippines today, thousands of cyclists rode through manila to campaign for cleaner air ahead of earth day and asking for more bike lanes. manila has very poor air quality because of traffic and factories. a report by the world health organization shows people who
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live in southeast asia are most at risk for heart and respiratory-related illnesses all because of pollution. beijing, china considered to have the worst air pollution in the world. we've all even pictures of than it is a morbid situation. checking in on the weather with anthony slaughter. >> good to be with you, usually in the morning. doing a switchup. time lapse from tiburon. low clouds fog, and even this afternoon, you see that fog did not leave the coastline. it's still in place right now and it is going to be with us over the next couple of days. temperatures have been cool today, back to the 60s right now. even at coastline. 55 degrees for half moon bay, 63 in san francisco. even in san jose right now, 68. you have to go over towards livermore, concord, san martin to get into the 70s. we are watching our winds because they have shifted big time. they are on shore bringing in lots of cold air across the
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pacific and that cool air over the next few days is going to start to inundate the bay area. no more 80s. we'll come out of the 7 ottavino back into the 60s for everybody as our next storm system takes shape. off the gulf of alaska expected to dive south, bringing showers to the north bias soon as tomorrow. we'll time out the storm system. when we can expect to see the brunt of the storm system, coming up in my next report. >> any moisture is good news. coming up next a holiday for marijuana smokers everywhere. the unsanctioned pot party planned for tomorrow. also the problems that police are already getting prepared for. and a teen is removing obstacles for others by letting them know obstacles are there in the first place. his eye opening invention.
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its protection lasts a full 30 days. no wonder frontline plus is the #1 choice of vets for their pets and yours. after all, your dog is a lover not a fighter. frontline plus. the vet's #1 choice. tomorrow considered to be a national holiday for marijuana smokers. april 20th, or 4/20, goes by the
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name weed day. one san francisco neighborhood they are bracing for any problems that might arise. nbc bay area reports, unpermitted pot street party is expected to draw thousands. >> reporter: bubbles fill the air at hayden ash bury. police expect them to be replaced with pot smoke monday. >> monday smoke a lot of weed. >> reporter: 20-year-old peekikachu and thousands of others expected to crowd the hippie hill in golden gate park to celebrate 4/20. >> i actually been here almost a month waiting on it. >> reporter: sammy glickman says, it's a hazy event. >> i remember going for a run in the park and inhaling a lot of illegal substances. and i'm actually, i remember it being hard to breathe. >> reporter: police remember someone fired a gun into the crowd last year. to one was hurt, but police made several arrests.
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officers will be innous in force. >> in basically unpermitted, unsanctioned event. >> reporter: the supervisor says the 4/20 party creates safety and traffic concerns. this year's event expected to snarl the monday evening commute. >> commute home i would strongly advise people to steer clear of the area on monday. >> reporter: retailers are ready. some are selling souvenirs. others are preparing to close early. at the look glass collage, steven wilsons says 440/20 is not a -- >> it makes it harder for police to do their job. >> reporter: neighbors are hoping for a mellow event. >> people probably have work. so they might have to put off the celebrations. >> reporter: peekikachu is peckexpect company. >> rainbow groups are coming here. i want to catch rides out to rainbow shows. >> he's got it planned out.
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not clear how many will show up but undercover officers will be there, and parking control will also be there. handing out tickets and making arrests, if necessary. coming up next does marks the 40th anniversary of moor's law, it's a law you should not only know about but be celebrating.
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we all know our home in the bay area has a reputation of the birthplace for great gadgets and technology but that comes with a hefty price tag. the bay area teenager bucking that trend has come up with a device that could offer thousands of people a new way to see their world. nbc bay area's garvin tomorrow has has today's "bay area proud." 3 he was in the fifth grade when a remote control plane of his broke and he took it apart and became fascinated with electronics. well, he's a kid who is growing up fast, because just three years later he's moved on from
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playing with toys to helping make the world a better place. >> at a table and chair meant for someone a bit younger, 13-year-old raga is working on wonders well beyond his age. it's a project he started last year, after watching a documentary about everyday life for blind people, and the limitations as he saw it, of the 100-year-old white cane. >> i thought, there's like an old device here, needs an update. i thought maybe i could make that better. >> reporter: so he set to work. after just a few days, had a prototype of a new idea, though not being blind himself, he also had no idea if it was any good. >> so this is what i'm most familiar with. >> reporter: he sought out someone who would. >> once i figured out how to turn it on. >> reporter: the ceo of the
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santa clara valley blind center. and a geek himself. >> i'm picking up a chair here. >> reporter: more than impressed when he presented him with a cane equipped with sensors that communicate through vibrations, not just what is at a blind person's feet -- >> at this point, right here. >> reporter: -- but what is in his path. >> i'm picking up pulsing as i'm going in the suites. it's pretty stroeshgd you know for a 12 or 13-year-old to develop from scratch a device that is this sophisticated. >> reporter: he wanted to make it better. so every month for the past year, he, steve, and other clients of the blind center have been testing out his smartwalk, as he calls it. taking home their feedback each time, and returning with a new, improved prototype. >> after going to the blind center and seeing people actually work with the thing i made, i thought, wow, i can do something and, like i can
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make a difference in somebody's life. i just have to keep working on it. >> reporter: steve says he's familiar with a similar, though less sophisticated, device costing $900. his target price, considerably less. >> i'm projecting about $20 for the final device. >> that's definitely the chair. that's probably definitely you. >> reporter: it's a goal that has potential to benefit thousands, if not millions, of blind people around the world. all thanks to a 13-year-old boy hoping to remove obstacles from other people's lives -- >> in front of me i'm picking up. >> reporter: -- by letting them know they're there. >> if it's a camera, i don't want to whack it. >> as you can imagine, his work is getting him noticed. one of the california winners of prudential's spirit of community award. he goes to washington, d.c., in may to find out if he's one of the national winners. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> we wish him a lot of luck.
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that's really cool anthony. using brainpower not just for profit, but to really help people out. >> i tell you, there's always something new happening in the bay area. never talking about it always doing it. start off with a look at doppler. we don't have rain right now, in the bay area, but we have thunderstorms firing up across the sierra. we have lightning with thunderstorms. you know what it's great news we're getting the rain. but you know with lightning comes the fire risk. we'll be watching this not only today are we expecting more thunderstorms across the sierra but the next four days expecting more thunderstorms. firefighters across the state will be on guard for lightning strikes. another storm system out across the pacific, not producing lightning strikes. we've got monsoonal moisture late season monsoonal moisture. this is our next storm system expected to move in and that's going to bring rain and cooler conditions as we move through the next few days. weather headlines tell that story from sf we have coastal
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fog making its return. tomorrow expect fog to be with you for the morning hours and then expect increasing cloudiness through the day. not expecting a completely bright day tomorrow in fact mainly cloudy skies expected by tuesday and then rain arrives for most of us by wednesday. you can see, sky camera network, good mix of sun and clouds across the bay area with fog making its return. temperatures comfortable, in the 60s and 70s. your microclimates for monday going to be uniform especially considering how warm it's been over the past couple of days. lunchtime tomorrow find temperatures in the 60s everywhere. cool enough for a jacket, even inland valley, 66 by lunch time. 69 by lunchtime in the tri-valley. 61 san francisco. we round out the day in 60s and 70s. 74 in the south bay. 71 peninsula. san francisco, only 64 for your high tomorrow. clouds increase. tomorrow we'll see showers and thunderstorms, maybe one or two north of santa rosa.
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watch the computer model. you can see showers every now and again, computer model update with a few thunderstorms by tomorrow afternoon. and mainly that's just the north bay. it's going to be isolated tomorrow afternoon. most of us will be dry. same deal for tuesday. the cloud cover will start to stream in by tuesday and i suspect us to be clouded over with rain arriving by wednesday. the storm system not a huge one but enough to give a tenth of an inch in san francisco. same for the south bay and east bay. we get one of the thunderstorms, maybe two we could get about a quarter of an inch. again, not a huge system not going to end the drought. we know no one storm system will do that. but as we move through the next several days notice temperatures cooling off quite a bit. san jose we had mid-70s today. 60s by thursday. even in santa rosa this is where woel havee'll have the best chance of seeing showers. dry for tuesday, wednesday and thursday shower activity. even in san francisco, we'll see cooler conditions. in the mid-60s today, we'll be
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in the lower 60s over the next couple of days. get the jackets out though spring it's going to change quickly. wednesday, widespread rain and chilly conditions. >> i hear people ask you guys all the time is this going to end the drought? it would have to rain for a year. >> it's the bay area. you would think we would know better. >> thank you so much. the big tech milestone that turned 40 years old today. you knew that rents were bad in san francisco. but we've earned a dubious distinction, oakland and san jose not too far behind. you're renting, yeah, it's going to bum you out.
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looking for one of these? yoplait. smooth, creamy, and craved by the whole family. if you love your smartphone or play video games and you have one man one law to thank for that. today marks the tech milestone for a concept that's changed a lot of lives. business and tech reporter scott budman has a look back and ahead
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at moore's law. >> reporter: if you're fascinated by the apple watch, you'll appreciate the original apple i. love video games? then you respect the old school pong. >> every day is marked by some interaction with technology. >> reporter: and all of that technology owes a debt to moore's law. >> moore's law matters to every person on the planet. >> reporter: 50 years ago intel co-founder gordon moore published an article essentially saying that computing power would double about every two years while getting less expensive. he's still right to this day. >> when you get to millennials and post-millennials they have spent their entire lives governed by the pace of moore's law. they don't know it but they've internalized this incredible rate of constant change. >> reporter: if you've ever been picked up in an uber or checked your facebook status that's moore's law in action. early computing has leapt forward with new innovation
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giving us what we have today. >> it's inspiring. you wonder, wow, what's next? how can i contribute to this huge creative body of work? >> reporter: in silicon valley famous for looking ahead thanks to a famous law half a century ago. >> that was scott budman reporting. perhaps the most quoted way to explain moore's law goes if the auto industrial followed moore's law, modern cars would go 500 miles per hour and they would cost $1.50 each. coming up next lawyers for san francisco's sheriff will be in court tomorrow. we'll show you what the sheriff is looking to have expunged from his record and what it could signal. learning that the pilot who landed his gyrocopter at the u.s. capital has ties to the bay area.
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nbc bay area news starts now.
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>> good evening, to you, i'm peggy bunker. thanks for joining us terry mcsweeney has the night off. ahead of earth day the san francisco zoo is trying to stop the illegal trade of animal parts. ivory made from elephant tusks a hot commodity in some places. biologists are trying to show people how damaging the ivory trade is. nbc bay area's christie smith live at the san francisco zoo, which is involved in the whole topic. tell us about it. >> reporter: well, i can tell you, earth day event at the san francisco zoo included a very serious message for people who are visiting and that was information about conservation and how they can help protect animals like elephants and rhinos, other animals who might be in jeopardy out in the wild. we're talking about ivory, talking about tusks, or horns as is the case with rhinos. talking up a.b. 96 the ivory trade continues to thrive, they say, despite laws against the sale.
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according to the director of conservation here, there's a big loophole in the california law. san francisco turns out, very high on the list for uvry imports. the zoo is trying to educate consumers on what's at stake and what a.b. 96 could do. >> ivory is illegal technically in the united states. state by state, there are different regulations. in the state of california there's a loophole in the law that allows the sale of antique ivory. the problem is how do you show that it's antique? it's very, very difficult. you really have to take the word of the salesperson. to be honest that's not good enough anymore. too much of a demand for ivory. >> reporter: she says it would tighten up the loophole but also benefit hippos and whales whose products are sold as ivory, even when they're not. it would eliminate a decades-old exemption and establish state enforcement and be similar to a law passed in new york city. reporting live


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